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Dear customers

Meat Solution, for over 20 years, has been trading in raw meat. The company has been founded in 1996 in Myszkow, Poland, located in Silesian province. We use our long-term relationships with slaughterhouses in Poland, along with the ones in EU countries. In February 2023 we have launched Production Plant in Dobieszowice, where we butcher poultry and produce chicken and turkey kebabs.

We offer:


- kebab
- shoarma
- chicken leg meat, boneless, with skin on
chicken leg meat, boneless, skinless


- Turkey cuts
- The other raw materials
- Offals

Other assortment groups

Among others: goose, rabbit, lamb, veal available on request

Our company is guarantee of the best and consistent quality. They are always selected and good poultry products, pork and beef; produced with preservation all necessary procedures.

We know how important the trust of our clients is. Working with many processing plants, we always make sure that goods delivered by us,  both domestically and imported are characterized by high quality and affordable price.

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In our offer

We do wholesale meat, made to order, strictly cooperating with poultry and pork slaugterhouses. From the moment of joining Poland to the European Union, we recorded an increase in sales of poultry cuts, which have conquered not only Europe, but also countries such as Vietnam, China, Singapore, Hong Kong, Ghana and Benin.
The quality of Pollish poultry was also appreciated by Americans with the taste for turkey and chicken. They also agree with the opinion that our products due to the natural way of breeding, high quality and competitive prices are among the best in the world.


  • European suppliers with IFS and BRC certificates
  • Implemented ISO and HACCP standards
  • HALAL certifier raw materials
  • Various forms of raw material preparation


  • Refrigerated truck and container transport
  • Cooperation with cold stores all over Poland
  • Assistance in organizing loading and transport
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Meat Solution Sp. z o.o.
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