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We do wholesale meat, made to order, stricly cooperating with poultry and pork slaugterhouses. From the moment of joining Poland to the European Union, we recorded an increase in sales of poultry cuts, which have conquered not only Europe, but also countries such as Vietnam, China, Singapore, Hong Kong, Ghana and Benin.

The quality of Pollish poultry was also appreciated by Americans with the taste for turkey and chicken. They also agree with the opinion that our products due to the natural way of breeding, high quality and competitive prices are among the best in the world.

High expectations oblige, therefore we definetely strive for confirming our market credibility therefore we have created a capital group dealing with domestic and international trade. In addition, we do the development long-term operating strategies, by researching the market and trends industry in subiect. We suport our clients witch professional consulting supported by our experience, advertising and widely understood commercial activity.

We are still developing our business, extanding it to the sale of others items such as frozen vegetables and grains.

We hope that your expectations for us are high – at least as much as a crossbar hung by ourselves. We believe that they will join the group of our satisfied customers.